The Auld Alliance Whisky Bar at Rendezvous Hotel (2013)

After its successful inception in 2010 at CHIJMES, The Auld Alliance Whisky Bar was relocated to Rendezvous Hotel in 2013, amidst the growing demand and popularity of Whisky in the region. Having this opportunity to work with Emmanuel Dron again, was a great pleasure, and a good time to further develop the brand image for the new Whisky Bar.

The overall theme and charm of the original bar at CHIJMES was still maintained, with additional fine details added to the whisky display shelving, and the creation of a special display area for the Rarest whiskies in Emmanuel’s Collection. The rich wood texture and dark tones wood elements surround the walls, creating an ambience of warmth and comfort. Also hidden within the Interior dark tones of the Walnut clad walls and cabinets, is a concealed entrance to a private smoking room. Discover the secret chamber.

AA 1
View of the Main Bar.
AA 3
View of the Main Bar
The Auld Alliance (6)
View of Library Area.
AA 2
View of Library Area.
AA 5
Private Hidden Cigar Room.
AA 4
Private Hidden Cigar Room.