ELIA Education (Boutique Language Centre)

ELIA Education is setup by 2 very passionate individuals, Sherlyn and Michelle. The name ELIA, is a greek word for Olive. Using this as the reference point for the design of the centre, green was taken as the base tone to work from, layering on top of that, incorporating tones and textures inspired by nature. 2 main materials was adopted to establish the identity for ELIA,  heavy textured woodgrain of walnut flanks the facade to ELIA, set against the light raw tones of cement, as seen on the reception wall behind the counter.

A artificial Greenwall was created to bring nature into the reception, the greenery is further carried into the interior of the classrooms and the toilet area.

ELIA Reception20180511_191717 copy20180511_200649 copyGreenwallClassroomToiletToilet