Taratata Brasserie – French Bistro Remodelled (Wine&Dine – Top Restaurant 2019-2020)

Taratata Bistro at Keong Saik Road. Was remodelled in 2014. With the growing popularity of the restaurant, the challenge was to work within the existing space, but increase the seating capacity, and to be able to accomodate larger groups of customers,

The solution was not only to extend the booth seating areas, but to make use of the pockets of dead space at the corners of the existing seating.

The booth seating was remodelled with softer round corners to utilise the space more efficiently, which also creates a visual continuity of the backrest. The form of the backrest was also re-designed, with fine attention on the ergonomics. Its unique curvature provided a comfortable lower back support.
Button details on the backrest was also adopted over the previous linear forms, not only to bring back the tradition in classic sofa detail, but create a softer look. The button details also adds a visual charm, to the rich interior space.

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