Rhubarb Le Restaurant (1 Michelin Star)

Rhubarb Le Restaurant is a 1 Michelin Star French Restuarant, nestled in the charming Duxton Hill area.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant, is located in the charming conservation shophouse at 3 Duxton Hill. Founded by Chef Paul Longworth and Jerome Desfond, I had the privilege of working with 2 very passionate and experienced individuals in the F&B sector. Building their dream restaurant from ground up was exciting. The inspiration for the design of the interior, started with the deep hue of the rhubarb.

With the intent to create a top class French restaurant, deep tones of  a brown hue, matched with a gleaming copper tone, was the foundation for building the brand image for the restaurant. A neutral background was also needed to create contrast, this was achieved by incorporating a natural grey stone like tile (Seen on the facade wall beside the entrance), which provided the rich visual and tactile texture, needed to create an inviting yet elegant feel for the restaurant.R3.R2. Foyer AreaR4R6

Rhubarb Le Restaurant

View of the Dining Hall, carpeted (Specially treated nano tech) to provide a luxe feel